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Telling Your Story - Best Slideshow Practices

Where to start?

Decide the purpose of your slideshow and how it will be shared.  Will it be for a Rehearsal Dinner depicting the Bride and Groom's meeting and courtship?  Will it showcase a Wedding?  An Anniversary?  A Birthday, Graduation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah Celebration?  Is it a Memorial or Tribute?  Your Family History?  A personalized gift for Mother's or Father's Day?  A Christmas or Holiday Greeting?  Maybe it will highlight a Vacation, Event or Sports Team?  How about as a backdrop for group or corporate events?

What story to tell?

Define your story and it's overall theme and tone.  Is it upbeat and playful, easy going, inspirational, melancholy, romantic, elegant, or maybe sophisticated and classic?  You can present it historically in chronological order, divided by like events or people, or even randomly.  Often the plot develops on it's own as you choose what to include.

Who is your audience?

Tailor your narrative to your audience.  Use photos that are relatable, promote discussion and laughter (if appropriate), and mean something to your viewer.  For memorials, use photos that tell a life story.  If it's for a family reunion try to include photos of all who are attending.  Everyone likes to see pictures of themselves! 

What photos to use?

Narrowing down your pictures is hard - there's too many to choose from.  Start with your favorites.  If one tells a story that's even better.  Remove those that are similar to others and try to have a variety.  If you are doing a life in review, keep in mind that you don't need a photo from every year but rather try to represent highlights and time frames.  If you feel a photo stands out as not having the same feel or theme as the others, chances are it doesn't belong. 

Choose the best quality photos, the least damaged, the clearest and sharpest.  A low resolution image from the internet or e-mail doesn't translate well onto a larger screen.

How to organize your photos?

Photos need to be submitted in the order they are to appear in your show, labeling digital files by number sequence and placing hard copies in their proper space. 

A photo box works well for smaller 4 x 6s, but for larger photos (and larger slideshows) a binder with clear acid free sheet protectors allows you to quickly look through, change places, and make notes.  You can even use more than one!

Keep lots of post it notes close by!

What else can be added?

Your slideshow is not limited to just photos!  Video clips are a great way to keep your show exciting and give it personality.  Favorite and meaningful quotes or verses can help personalize it even more.  Announcements, kid's artwork, postcards, even invitations and newspaper clippings... anything that can be scanned can be included. 

How long does a show last?

The length of a show depends on how many photos you use, the content of the photos and if there is anything the viewer needs to read.  The sample shows are sped up to show more in a limited time frame, but the typical one photo slide is around 5 seconds.  If there is text or a group photo it is held onscreen longer.

Can you convert my old home movies?

NRSMDesigns refers several local companies for anything other than digital files or hard copies or for large batches of slides and bulk photos.  They do all the work on site, locally, so your memories are never shipped across country or overseas.

What about Captions and Titles?

A slideshow is all about movement.  It's important to remember that passages are difficult to read, and some of your audience may not want to.  Keep captions and titles minimal and quotes short.

What music will be used?

A wide collection spanning different genres and styles is available as songs and instrumentals specifically designed to enhance your show.  Your background music is chosen to coordinate with your story's theme and tone.

Can I use my own music?

Regarding Copyrighted Music:  The purchase of a song or CD only entitles you the right to listen.  It does not allow for redistribution, reproduction, promotion, public broadcast or any application other than the intended home use.  NRSMDesigns will only use royalty-free music for slideshows and videos which grants usage for standard personal and commercial slideshow and video production and distribution.  Be aware that some online video services have agreements with the actual copyright owners and may display advertisements when your video is shown.

* NRSMDesigns will not be held liable for any copyright infringements and discourages using an artist, writer, designer, musician or photographer's work without permission.  The client alone shall be responsible for any claims that arise.

How long will it take?

Depending on the length of the show and the amount of pictures to be edited and included, estimate two to three weeks, with another week for review and any revisions.  Plan in advance!


Group related photos together to tell small stories within your show!
Your photos are optimized to look their best!

This includes:

Light retouching to correct color, tone, red-eye, some spots, scratches, cropping


* Professional restoration services are not included


Slideshows are created
 in widescreen format,

photos and videos
best featured in
landscape orientation. 

Taking a video or
 photo with your phone?
  Turn it sideways!