Photo Enhancement & Creative Imagery


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Restoration Pricing

Unfortunately new restoration clients are not being accepted
at this time.  Because your photos and memories are important, NRSMDesigns recommends the talents of Janine Smith.  Please contact her through her design studio here.

I do NOT have local restoration recommendations.

Slideshow, web, and design services are still offered.

Level One - Not currently offered

Minor color, exposure & tone adjustment

Remove red-eye, minor blemishes

Repair minor tears, creases & scratches

Straighten & crop

Level Two - Not currently offered

Color, exposure & tone balance

Repair tears, creases & scratches

Reconstruct missing or damaged edges

Smooth & reduce paper or skin texture

Adjust perspective (buildings)

Remove/add items or people

Background changes
(background change only starts at $50)

                                                                         See background replacement video here

Level Three - Not currently offered

Major repairs & reconstruction
Missing features & items
Water damage

Large scale photos are based on size and damage, including rips, tears, crackling,  missing items & sections

Photo Organization Services

Digital & printed photos/videos

Contact me for pricing
*Pricing is subject to change without notice.
* The samples given are an estimated starting point.  As each photo is unique, pricing varies per image. 

Several factors are taken into consideration, such as color, original size, desired finished size, the extent of the damage and how much information remains. 

Images must be viewed at a high magnification to access the damage. 
The easiest way to quote and restore your photo is through e-mail /mail (contact me).

Water damage and missing facial features require  significantly more time to repair, and are priced accordingly.