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Holiday Video Greeting Cards


Holiday Aura




Holiday Banner

Holiday Cheer

A hint of yesteryear
in Green, Red, and Brown

Holiday Nostalgia

Sweater knit and fir trees -

features dropping ornaments,

perfect for kid's pictures!

All In A Year

New Year's Eve
*Pricing is subject to change without notice.

*Estimated delivery is 3 - 5 days (upon receipt of your photos and info)
order yours now!

Share your personalized holiday greeting with a custom video slideshow  enhanced with perfectly synchronized music and instrumentals.

For an extra special touch - add a short video clip!


$30 - up to 5 photos

$34 - up to 6 photos

$38 - up to 7 photos

$42 - up to 8 photos

$46 - up to 9 photos

$50 - up to 10 photos

* One short video segment is equivalent to 2 photos.

* Please allow NRSMDesigns to choose your music for you, based on your photos.  Copyrighted music may not be used - please see "Telling Your Story" for more details.