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Disclaimer and Terms of Use - Updated 5.2015

On Copyrighted Images:

Although you pay a photographer to take pictures for you, those images remain their property.  If you have a photo that you would like restored or retouched, it is the client's responsibility to check with the original photographer first as the negatives may still be on file.  Having your photo reprinted is less costly than having it restored.  If however, you require services that are not provided by the original photographer, they may grant permission for someone else to work on their photos.  It is the client's responsibility to procure any necessary permissions to work on copyrighted materials, and by submitting photos to NRSMDesigns for restoration and/or retouching the client attests that no copyright is infringed. 

On Copyrighted Music:

The purchase of a song or CD only entitles you the right to listen.  It does not allow for redistribution, reproduction, promotion, public broadcast or any application other than the intended home use.  NRSMDesigns will only use royalty-free music for slideshows and videos which grants usage for standard personal and commercial slideshow and video production and distribution.  Be aware that some online video services have agreements with the actual copyright owners and may display advertisements when your video is shown.

* NRSMDesigns will not be held liable for any copyright infringements and discourages using an artist, writer, designer, musician or photographer's work without permission.  The client alone shall be responsible for any claims that arise.

My Terms of Use and Disclaimer:

All images, graphics, or websites that I have created, restored or retouched may not be used for anything unethical, commercially misleading, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, racist or immoral, or for any other purpose which is prohibited by law.  I reserve the right to accept or not to accept work at my discretion.  I reserve the right to use images, graphics or websites that I have created, restored or retouched as samples of my work and may use them to promote my business, add to my gallery, post on my blog or other social media with client permission.  As my work is artistic and creative in nature, and each job is unique, I will do my best to provide the client with a finished product that exceeds their expectations, although I can make no guarantees.  Unfortunately, not everything can be salvaged or saved.  Depending on the subject matter, I may choose to highlight or to draw attention away from certain portions of a photo or design in order to accomplish a more pleasing composition and end result.  NRSMDesigns is not liable or responsible for photos sent through the mail or other parcel delivery service, damage to and/or loss of photos, and is not insured.

Restoration and Creative Samples:

All restoration and creative works depicted on this website were created by myself and remain my sole property.  The majority of persons shown are my own family and extended family, the original photographs being the personal property of my parents, grandparents and aunts.  My work may not be used without my express written consent.  If any of these restoration samples ever appear as the work of another party or are shown on another party's website without credit given, be advised that it is stolen material and not representative of anyone's skills except my own.