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Why Digital

Posted on July 17, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Before Photoshop, changes were made directly on photos and negatives.  Chemicals, inks, paints, airbrushes and small paint brushes were often used.  Manipulating photos was a skilled craft using artist tools and darkroom tricks of the trade.  Retouching was commonly thought of as "airbrushing" as images were usually edited and enhanced with thin layers of paint.  And, it wasn't that long ago!

With digital restoration and retouching your original photo, most often your only copy, remains intact and untouched.  After creating a high resolution scan, all work is done non-destructivly on a digital file allowing unlimited options for enhancement or repair.  Digital changes can ALWAYS be reversed or adjusted.  Can you imagine if they couldn't?

Note:  Even with careful conservation, your photos will continue to deteriorate over time.  Digital files are a great way to share and safeguard your memories for future generations. I recommend digitally archiving ALL your photographs, preserving your originals, using local services (after verifying your collection remains onsite and isn't shipped overseas).  They won't worsen and are easily organized, labeled and ready for repair if needed.

* Image from unknown original source on Pinterest shows extreme humorous before and after airbrushed photo from an episode of NBC's sitcom Seinfeld.  Used without permission through fair use as a related pop culture reference.

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